corporate culture



customer-centric:Customer orientation is the starting point and core principle of everything you think and do in Galaxypcb.Everything is customer demand as the center, rapid response, continue to create value for customers, customer achievement. 

Keep your feet on the ground and keep fighting:Down-to-earth is the Galaxypcb style, struggle is our foundation.Adversity does not avoid difficulties, face the reality;Prosperity in the status quo, in the peace of the crisis.In the face of difficulties, we always calmly deal with, struggling forward.

Do things with your heart:The pursuit of excellence and professionalism is the basic quality of our organization.We focus and adhere to the goal, the pursuit of the ultimate ingenuity and ability to do professional things in a professional way.

Continuous self-renewal :Innovation is the reason why Galaxypcb remains dynamic.Innovation means continuous breakthrough. We should have the courage to innovate ourselves and keep an open mind to achieve self-breakthrough, growth and transcendence.

Create a Shared future:Shared creation is a powerful guarantee for Galaxypcb to achieve its goals.We cooperate efficiently towards the common goal to realize the common growth of enterprises and individuals and share the results;Galaxypcb works with all stakeholders to promote each other, beyond commerce, to create the future.