Leader speech

Zhai Manager   -   General Manager

Galaxypcb has been destined to have a great journey since its inception.After 15 years of building our first Galaxypcb factory in shenzhen since 2005, we now have established our fujian and huangshi plants to better serve the market as a group company with branches in fujian, huangshi, Shanghai, Hong Kong and San Francisco.I will do my best to lead all the staff at Galaxypcb in a down-to-earth and persistent endeavor: strive forward, strive for excellence, build products, and strive to become "the most reliable electronic circuit manufacturer in the world".

Kevin   -   Marketing Director

Customer orientation is the starting point and core principle of everything you think and do in Galaxypcb.Everything is customer demand as the center, rapid response, continue to create value for customers, customer achievement.Make a good career in the galaxy.

He Ren Ting   -   Production Director

The pursuit of excellence and professionalism is the basic quality of our organization.We focus and adhere to the goal, the pursuit of the ultimate ingenuity and ability to do professional things in a professional way.Strive to provide excellent PCB productivity for customers, create value with customers, and build dreams with our employees.

Team   -   Service team

Galaxypcb has a professional marketing, quality, technical, after-sales service team, we serve more than 30 regions in the world, we are willing to work hard, hard work is our foundation.Adversity does not avoid difficulties, face the reality;Prosperity in the status quo, in the peace of the crisis.In the face of difficulties, we always calmly deal with, struggling forward.We support every piece of Galaxypcb with our customers.